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Facility Rental Information

If you wish to rent out any of the rooms at the ICHIHARA Children’s Museum for use by a group or individual, you must make a reservation in advance and pay the rental fee.

Please make a reservation and pay the rental fee as follows.

Available hours

  Available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in one-hour increments. (Including preparation and clean-up time in the room.)

*The usage time of the multipurpose hall includes the time required for preparation of the venue (preparation for reception, stage set, lighting, sound, etc.), as well as the time required for customers to enter, exit, and clean up afterwards.

How to use the ICHIRA

Reservations for use of the ICHIHARA Children’s Miraikan can be made from the first day of the month preceding the date of use (for example, if you wish to use the facility on May 20, you can make a reservation from April 1).

Reservations can be made through the Ichihara City Public Facility Reservation System via the Internet, the user terminal at the facility, the telephone, or at the counter . You can check the availability and make reservations via the Internet, user terminals at facilities, telephone, or at the counter.

Please refer to the Public Facility Reservation System (external link ) for details on using the system.

3. cancellation of use

There is a penalty.

3. Notes on use

  • On the day of use, please present your permit to the general receptionist.
  • Please prepare the venue after presenting the permit.
  • Use of the facilities for profit-oriented business or religious activities is not permitted.
  • Equipment other than that provided in the facility is not available for loan. Please bring your own equipment.
  • Please keep order and do not disturb the neighboring rooms or the surrounding area while using the facility.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the facility. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Eating and drinking are allowed in the facility, but restrictions are in place in some areas. Please check with the facility staff before doing so.
  • Please take all trash with you when you use the facility. The museum will not take care of it.
  • Hours of use are as indicated on the permit. The hours of use include preparation and clean-up time. Please return the room to its original state by the end of the usage time, and return the key after everyone has left the room.
  • Before and after use, please be sure to fill out the “Use Book” at the reception desk . Please fill out the “Use Book” at the reception desk before and after use.
  • With the exception of some facilities in the gymnasium and multipurpose hall, all preparations and cleanup of rental facilities must be done by the customer.
  • Please take good care of the facilities, equipment and fixtures.                      In the event of any stain or damage, please notify the facility staff immediately.
  • If it is deemed necessary for the management of the facility, the facility staff may enter the facility while you are using it. Please understand this in advance.
  • Please observe all other precautions taken by the facility staff.

Basic Information

Facility Hours and Fees (PDF)

Facility name Capacity Size Contents Hourly Rental Fee
Japanese-style room 1
Japanese-style room 2
Tatami-matted room for various uses 700 yen

Japanese-style room 1 & 2

Facility name Capacity Size Contents Hourly Rental Fee
Multi-purpose room A place that can be used for various purposes such as meeting rooms and study rooms. 1,600 yen
Gymnasium Gymnasium for indoor sports such as basketball and table tennis. 2,400 yen (entire area)
1,200 yen (half-square meter)
600 yen (1/4-square)

Multi-purpose room


Facility name Capacity Size Contents Hourly Rental Fee
Multi-purpose hall A place that can be used for a variety of purposes such as events, meetings, and concerts. 2,500 yen
Backstage 1
Backstage 2
A place that can be used as a waiting room for events, meetings, concerts, etc. 300 yen

Multipurpose Hall

Backstage 1 & 2

Rental fee for annexed facilities, etc.

Name of facility Type or classification of facilities Hourly fee
Multipurpose hall Lighting equipment 300 yen
Sound equipment 300 yen
Stage equipment 200 yen
Projection equipment 600 yen
Grand piano 600 yen
Use of equipment brought in 300 yen