TOP How to Enjoy Miraikan

How to Enjoy Miraikan

How to Enjoy Miraikan for Pre-Moms, Dads and Adults

Anticipation and anxiety about the birth of a child. At times like these, you may want to visit a child-rearing salon, socialize with friends in a Japanese-style room, or simply take a deep breath. Leave your child at a childcare space and treat yourself. There are even events that you can enjoy and return to your childhood! Let’s make the most of Ichihara Children’s Miraikan for your daily walks, daily outings, and a break from child-rearing.

Fun for Babies and Little Ones

There is a special corner for crawling babies in the child-raising salon, so you don’t have to worry♪ Shall we play with the baby dolls in the playroom? Let’s try climbing? There are many things to do! There is also a nursing room equipped with a milk dispenser and microwave, a diaper changing area, a childcare space for children over 1 year old, and a mom-dad break time where even 0 year olds can take a little break!

Fun for Elementary School Students

There are lots of fun things to do every day, such as playing board games with friends, exercising to the fullest in the spacious gymnasium and multi-purpose hall, and creating your own unique artwork and crafts! When you’re not sure where to go after school or on holidays, come visit WAKUWAKU KINGDOM.

Fun for Junior High and High School Students

There are many places for junior high and high school students to use. Study or talk with friends at the Presentation Terrace (entrance), play sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. in the gymnasium, or practice dance in the multipurpose hall.

Let’s get out of Miraikan!

The fun at Miraikan is not limited to the building! We also plan to travel to social networking sites, online events, and children’s centers. Stay tuned for more information!